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Medium: Books
Fandom: Twilight
Subject: VAMP!Jessica Stanley & Edward Cullen
Title: No Harm in Spilling A Little Blood
Summary: In true non-canon lovin’ fashion, I’ve found another seemingly unlikely pairing to ship within the Twilight fandom. Obviously, this EP is AU/Crack, but it’s good crack and if you don’t believe me just read  havens ’ fic, Carbon Monoxide Hymns in Your Hands and you’ll be a believer. The premise of this EP is, what would happen if Jessica was attacked and made into a vampire? Of course the Cullens would feel obligated to take her in and Edward, having known her when she human, would be appointed to show her to ropes of their “vegetarian” lifestyle. This EP emphasizes Jessica’s beginning as a vampire and the torrid affair that she and Edward enter due to her many sexual advances toward him. Their relationship is fueled by a need to feel beautiful and wanted (Jessica) and the urge for physical contact (Edward). Neither of them believes in love and knows the true foundation of their relationship.
Notes: When I first thought of this pairing, I couldn’t really see their “relationship” being plausible, but when you think about—as much as I have anyway—you realize that Jessica and Edward are a lot alike in the way in which they both have very low opinions of themselves. Jessica tries her best to appear confident, but it’s just to mask her many insecurities, while Edward silently hates himself.   I actually believe his disdain for Jessica in the books stems from the fact that that he sees in her traits that he also possesses, but wish he didn’t.
Download includes:  6 songs +coverart (front & back)  in PNG format.



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01.florence and the machine || "blinding"

Seems that I have been held, in some dreaming state/A tourist in the waking world, never quite awake/
No kiss, no gentle word could wake me from this slumber/Until I realize that it was you
who held me under/


   ---Jessica is experiencing everything as a vampire for the first time. She was always in her own little bubble,
unaware that there was a secret world that’s right outside her front door. Now that she’s a part of that world,
things that mattered once don’t matter in anymore.

02.ellie goulding || "under the sheets (baby monster remix)"

Where did the people go?/My hands are empty/You're not the answer I should know/Like all the boys
 before, like all the boys before/We're under the sheets and you're killing me/ In our house made of
paper, your words of love fill me/ We're under the sheets and you're killing me


   ---Jessica finds herself falling into a familiar pattern. With Edward so close, she wants him to like her. Eager
for it just like she was with Mike and all the other boys she was ever interested in. Though she knows this is a
mistake, old habits die hard. She makes continuous advances toward Edward knowing that even if he does give
in, it won’t fix what she’s really craving, which is someone to love her for her.

03.seether || "fmlyhm"

You come around when you find me faithless/You come around when you find me faceless/Fuck me
like you hate me/(dig it up and tear it down)/Dig it up and whore me out/Fuck me like you hate me/
(dig it up and tear it down)/I love the sound when you come undone


   ---This song needs no explanation, lol, but what the hell! Edward has succumbed to Jessica’s advances and
in true Edward fashion, he hates himself for it. He wants her to know that he hates himself for it even though
he craves that physical contact that she’s offering.

04.three days grace|| "pain"

You're sick of feeling numb/You're not the only one/I'll take you by the hand/And I'll show you a world
that you can understand/This life is filled with hurt/When happiness doesn't work/Trust me and take
my hand/When the lights go out you will understand/Pain, without love/Pain, I can't get enough/Pain,
I like it rough/'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all


   ---Edward would rather go on with the lustful/hate relationship he has with Jessica than be void of any physical
connection at all. It brings him no real happiness, but at least he feels something with her and feeling emotions
(in this case, pain/misery/lust) is better than feeling nothing at all.


05.primal scream || "i love to hurt (you love to be hurt)"

i love to hurt, you love to be hurt/ain't no glory, glory of love


   ---Both Jessica and Edward realize that their relationship isn’t about love, but it works for them. At this point,
neither of them believes in love, but they do believe that they need each other. As twisted and violate as it is,
it’s real for them.


06.the exies || "different than you"

I used to hate you/With no reason why/I was so angry/So full of pride/Lost in opinions and innuendoes/
Knew everything that you didn't know/And i used to think i was sure i was right/And that i knew the truth from a lie /
So different/So different than you/So different than you are/I know it's sad but true/
So different/I'm no different than you


   ---Edward realizes that he never really knew Jessica. He could always hear her thoughts and she seemed
so pity and malicious. He judged her for being upfront and sometimes (most times) sneaky about it her true
intentions, but he realizes that he can’t throw stones. Look at what he’s been doing with her. The things he
does to her when it’s just the two of him and how he sneers in the face of strangers--he’s no different than
she is. How could he ever think that he better than her?

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