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[12] Emma Watson
[12] Kat Graham
[04] Anna Kendrick
[02] Idris Elba
[01] Taylor Lautner 
[20] Southland
[12] Skins Gen 3 +(cast) 
[06] Eclipse (Jacob/Bella only)
[02] Wicked Lovely wallpapers 

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Henry Cavill as Irial
Wentworth Miller as Niall

Wicked Lovely Series- The Dark Court

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The Wicked Lovely Series-  By Your Side

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Series Rec

The Wicked Lovely series is a young adult/urban fantasy series written by Melissa Marr. Wicked Lovely is the first novel in a series about a world where fairies and mortals intermingle. The story introduces Aislinn, a teen who can see the faeries around her, but who has been taught all her life to pretend not to see them. She is struggling to cope with the faeries when Keenan, the faery Summer King, enters her life and takes away her mortality, asking her to become the Summer Queen and defeat his mother, the Winter Queen.

Why you should read them: I think the story is engaging. I love the strong female characters and the relationships
that go on between the faeries and the humans. For a young adult book, I like that there's tattoos, piercings, drugs and mentions of sex. The human best friends aren't overlooked for the supernatural love interest and there's just a very sexy/ alluring dynamic between fairies and humans that I enjoyed immensely. There are 5 books in the series, but only 4 have been published. The fifth book, Darkest Mercy won't be released until Feb. 22 and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

The wallpapers I made are based on the characters Irial and Niall who are featured most prominently in Ink Exchange and Radient Shadows (4th book). Melissa Marr also have written like 2 mini book type things about their relationship. They were together for hundreds of years before a incident occurred in which Niall went against the The Dark Court that was at the time ruled by Irial. Presently, Niall has taken over as King of the Dark Court and Irial is his advisor. Even though they both fell in love with the same girl (Leslie) in Ink Exchange, they seem to be finding their way back to each other. The relationship is a complicated one and it's why I love it so much.

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