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16 April 2011 @ 07:50 pm

Title: An Understanding of Sorts
Author: Jessica
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore
Rating: M for sexual situations
Word Count: 4,583
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Bonnie and Damon have an understanding...of sorts. Even if it doesn’t make much sense, it works for them.
Author’s Note: This piece has not been betaed so all mistake are my own. I started this oneshot during season one right after Grams died. Therefore, you must understand that we’re not on the same timeline. This Bonnie is not the same Bonnie that we know today. Also, this was not written in my normal writing style so hopefully it’s not too bad.


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title: fly like a g6
subject: kat graham
song: like a g6
artist: far east movement ft.cataracs
program: Sony Vegas Pro 10

08 February 2011 @ 08:20 pm
[12] Emma Watson
[12] Kat Graham
[04] Anna Kendrick
[02] Idris Elba
[01] Taylor Lautner 
[20] Southland
[12] Skins Gen 3 +(cast) 
[06] Eclipse (Jacob/Bella only)
[02] Wicked Lovely wallpapers 
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29 January 2011 @ 06:03 pm
Title: Waiting on a love story that's already written
Pairing: Bonnie Bennett & Damon Salvatore
Notes: Seeing other people post art seems to motivate me to make art. I know I'm long overdue for a real graphics post with icons and such so that's coming later. I tried my hand at composition piece as oppose to a standard blend and I really like this although it's nothing fancy. Hope you guys like it/ can use it.
++ Do NOT hotlink
++If reposting on other sites like fanpop, CREDIT ME.
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Picspam: Beauty and the Beast [WPC]
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Ship: Bonnie Bennett/Mason Lockwood
Why the two work: I started liking these two AFTER Mason was already dead. I'd actually liked Mason and thought his only fault was being stupid enough to fall into bed with Katherine, but what are you gonna do? Then I saw this video one day and it just clicked. Their babies would have been so pretty! Also, Mason outshines all of Bonnie's current BF choices. All the other girls get badasses and hunks and she's stuck with a two-faced warlock and the little brother. I will admit that Jeremy is nothing to sleep on when it comes to sexiness, but the dynamic of little brother and best friend is a real turn off for me ( no disrespect to those that ship it).
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Picspam: You Would Never Know [WPC]
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Ship: Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore
Why the two work: The most recent episode brought me down, but it only confirmed that Bonnie is the only girl for Damon. There's no one else on this show that can handle him. Bonnie doesn't belong to someone else. Damon needs someone for him, not someone that's attached to someone else. He needs someone that's just as strong as he is and can set him straight when he needs (the current episode displays that he needs it). I know it's gonna happen, I just have to patient. In my eyes, there's no other option.
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Medium: Books
Fandom: Twilight
Subject: VAMP!Jessica Stanley & Edward Cullen
Title: No Harm in Spilling A Little Blood
Summary: In true non-canon lovin’ fashion, I’ve found another seemingly unlikely pairing to ship within the Twilight fandom. Obviously, this EP is AU/Crack, but it’s good crack and if you don’t believe me just read  havens ’ fic, Carbon Monoxide Hymns in Your Hands and you’ll be a believer. The premise of this EP is, what would happen if Jessica was attacked and made into a vampire? Of course the Cullens would feel obligated to take her in and Edward, having known her when she human, would be appointed to show her to ropes of their “vegetarian” lifestyle. This EP emphasizes Jessica’s beginning as a vampire and the torrid affair that she and Edward enter due to her many sexual advances toward him. Their relationship is fueled by a need to feel beautiful and wanted (Jessica) and the urge for physical contact (Edward). Neither of them believes in love and knows the true foundation of their relationship.
Notes: When I first thought of this pairing, I couldn’t really see their “relationship” being plausible, but when you think about—as much as I have anyway—you realize that Jessica and Edward are a lot alike in the way in which they both have very low opinions of themselves. Jessica tries her best to appear confident, but it’s just to mask her many insecurities, while Edward silently hates himself.   I actually believe his disdain for Jessica in the books stems from the fact that that he sees in her traits that he also possesses, but wish he didn’t.
Download includes:  6 songs +coverart (front & back)  in PNG format.


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Medium: Television
Fandom: Misfits
Pairing: Future!Simon & Alisha

Title: Love Is Not Our Choice but Our Fate
Notes: You knew this was comin’! My new obsession, lol!  Even though I feel like I’m practically foaming at the mouth over these two like a rabid animal, it’s nice to have a new pairing to feel so passionate about. Take the good and the bad and these two are definitely good together. Also, if you’re not watching Misfits…start doing something productive with your lives.
Download Includes: 6 mp3s (lyrical) + cover art (front & back) in PNG format.

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Medium: Television/Fanfiction
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Subject: Bonnie Bennett & Damon Salvatore
Title: His Twisted Soul and my Broken Spirit
Summary: Bonnie and Damon have an understanding. Even if it doesn't make much sense, it works for them.
Notes: This is a fanmix or ficmix is based loosely on a Bonnie/Damon oneshot that I'm working on. I don't consider it anything special or exciting.  Just a scenario that takes place during season 1 of The Vampire Diaries after Grams' death, but before Bonnie comes back. I hope to post it soon.
Download Includes: 6 mp3s (lyrical ) + coverart (front & back) in PNG format.

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15 September 2010 @ 02:58 pm
Here are the resources I've used in graphic posts. Be sure to check back from time to time because I'm always adding onto the list! :)