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Medium: Television
Fandom: Misfits
Pairing: Future!Simon & Alisha

Title: Love Is Not Our Choice but Our Fate
Notes: You knew this was comin’! My new obsession, lol!  Even though I feel like I’m practically foaming at the mouth over these two like a rabid animal, it’s nice to have a new pairing to feel so passionate about. Take the good and the bad and these two are definitely good together. Also, if you’re not watching Misfits…start doing something productive with your lives.
Download Includes: 6 mp3s (lyrical) + cover art (front & back) in PNG format.




01. rob thomas || "all that I am"  

I am the sound of love's arriving/Echoed softly on the sand/Lay your head upon my shoulder/Lay your hand within my hand/I give you all that I am

02. craig Armstrong feat. Liz fraser || "this love

This love is a strange love/In that it can lift a love/This love/This love/I think I'm gonna fall again/And ever when you held the hand/And turn 'em in your fingers, love

03. ross copperman || "all she wrote"

She wanders all alone/This is all, she's ever really known/A stranger in her skin nothing more, it's all she's ever been/She spills these words across the page/It helps to ease the pain/ and she cries/ Nobody out there/ Wants to understand/Nobody out there/ Takes me as I am/I'm feeling alone, here /
I know there's gotta be, somebody somewhere 


04. katy perry || "e.t."

You're from a whole other/another world/a different dimension/you open my eyes/and I’m ready to go, lead me into the light/Kiss me, k-k-kiss me/infect me with your love, and fill me with your poison/take me, t-t-take me/wanna be your victim, ready for abduction/boy, you're an alien, your touch so far away/its supernatural, extraterrestrial


05. safetysuit || "find a way

You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me/You know I'm gonna find a time to catch your hand and make you stay/I don't care what clothes you wear, it's time to love and I don't care/You know I'm gonna find a way to let you have your way with me/

06. lykkie li || "tonight

watch my back so i make sure/you're right behind me as before/yesterday the night before tomorrow/dry my eyes so you won't know/dry my eyes so i won't show/i know you're right behind me/and don't you let me go, let me go tonight/don't you let me go, let me go tonight/don't you let me go, let me go tonight/

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» HD screencaptures courtesy of letsey_x / . 
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